No one believes they are twins. You should see this twins who are completely different from each other

by banber130389

It is known in society that twins must look like each other. But nature proves us the opposite. Sometimes twins can be not identical and look different too. Clay and Cole are a perfect example of twins, who don’t look like twins at all.

As their parents say, they always need to prove that they are twins when they are in public places, where the boys attract everyone’s attention. But this is what makes them truly unique and special.

Clay has blond hair, green eyes and fair skin, while his brother Cole is the complete opposite of him. He has dark hair, brown skin and brown eyes. Looking at their parents everything becomes clearer: Clay looks just like his mom, and Cole is the copy of his dad.

They didn’t expect for their twins to be special and unique, but now they are of course happy and even proud of this fact. Everyone keeps asking them about their twins and they always get lots of compliments about how adorable and beautiful they are.

Parents also tell that their sons are not different with their appearances only, they also have different personalities. This makes some difficulties in daily life, but that is something very common and they find ways to get along with each other as many other siblings.

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