No one at the shelter could hold back tears as they read the note on the kitty’s collar

by banber130389

Almost always it is the pets that are thrown out into the street – bored, pissed off, no longer needed, etc. And rarely, incredibly rarely does the opposite happen. When the owners do not want to part with the pet, but fate is more ruthless than we can imagine. Violet’s cat’s story began this way – she was found with a heartbreaking note on her collar from her previous owner.

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The cat was found in U.S. Illinois last Monday. She immediately attracted attention with her well-groomed appearance and the fact that she was petting people. It is obvious that she is domestic, especially there is a collar. A touching pink color. And on the collar – a note, torn from a school notebook page with scrawled children’s scribbles. Judging by the mistakes, the girl is still learning to write.

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Text, verbatim:

Bye, Violet. I think that’s a good name for you. I’d like to keep you. Goodbye Violet, I hope you have a good owner.

To the owner: Please take care of her. By the way, I named her. Thank you! Love, Lacey.

At the animal shelter where Violet was brought, everyone walked around that night and furtively wiped away tears. It’s not hard to imagine the grief of a child having to part with her beloved cat. How and why is not so important. But Lacey believes in the goodness of the world and that her note will help Violet find a new home. It’s not for nothing that she gave the cat a name! And now it’s the adults’ job to make sure that Lacey doesn’t have to be disappointed in a harsh world.

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A note about Violet, along with a letter, was published on social media, and Cindy Murray was the first to respond. As she admits, her eyes filled with tears from the first lines. She sent her husband a picture of the cat and notes asking, “I’m crying and I want to take this cat home. Please talk me out of it.” To which she received the reply, “How can I? Now I want to.” Today, Violet is already settling into her new home, and Cindy wrote that she promises Lacey Girl will take good care of the cat.