Niall Horan’s performance in X factor before “One direction”. This is how it all started

by banber130389

Even the biggest legends in any industry have had their first steps, and not all of them were legendry from the first steps of their faith. And it is always very interesting to look back and see where and how they have started. We offer you to watch the first audition of Niall Horan in X factor, who was a member of the popular band “One Direction”. He was 16 at the time he auditioned for the show.

The star of one of the most popular bands “One Direction” predicted his future at some point. He said he was there to be the best artist he can be. And years later he did and we all saw that! From that little talk, the judges knew he was confident and let everyone notice it about him.

The song he prepared for that day was “You got it bad” by Usher. He didn’t show very good vocals, but the audience loved him and his confidence. Another proof that those are the keys. The judges marked all the mistakes and suggested him to work on himself, as he was just 1 and had so much to experience and learn yet.

Simon mentioned that the song was not the one he had to choose and he had to work on himself and added that he was not as good as he thought he was. But after all this words, he also added that he still liked him. Watch the decision of the judges in the end of the performance in the video bellow, we hope it will be interesting for you to watch!