More than 830 million views. Twin infant sisters fighting over a pacifier is the cutest thing you will see today!

by banber130389

Twins share nearly every element of their life from birth. They are frequently praised for their exceptional kinship and closeness. They do, however, occasionally argue and compete, just like any other siblings.

Such a moment was recently captured in a video that hilariously and endearingly shows twin babies playing tug-of-war over a single purple pacifier. With a straightforward yet realistic scenario, this video—which has captured the attention of millions of viewers on YouTube—illustrates the special dynamics of twin relationships.

One of the twins is happily with her purple pacifier as her sibling looks on with obvious interest. The second twin develops a craving for the pacifier, which is a frequent source of comfort for many babies.

The second twin chooses to take matters into her own hands and tries to grab the pacifier rather than asking or waiting for her turn. This sets off a sequence of conversations between the two, demonstrating the competitive nature that exists even in young children. And this is just adorable, funny and of course cute!

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