Man found a dog in a station nect to a suitcase. Here is the dog’s story and how he ended up there

by banber130389

This animal rescue story starts when a man who was waiting in the train station for his train to arrive, noticed despite the swarm of people a dog, who was completely alone, tied to a suitcase.

There are far too many people who do not realize the whole responsibility of having a pet. Those who do not understand this should not be allowed to have pets because if it is to abandon them then it is useless and only makes the animal suffer.

The dog’s name was Kai and he was found at a train station in Scotland, according to STV News. It was there, tied to a suitcase, and it stayed like that for several hours. It was becoming more and more obvious that he had been abandoned and no one was going to come for him.

A man who had been sitting watching him for a while came to seethe poor animal. He had the feeling that something was wrong. Seeing that no one was coming for the dog, the man contacted an animal welfare organization.

When the organization went there, they found a chip in Kai’s ear. It was therefore easy to find its owner. But the latter explained that he had sold the dog several years earlier.

They finally found out who the “new” owner was. It turned out that the person had tried to sell Kai to a woman he was to meet at that train station. However, the seller had shown the woman a photo of a completely different dog and seeing him she didn’t want to buy that poor dog. Instead of looking for another buyer, the man decided to abandon Kai in the train station instead.

The man who found Kai and the organization members opened the suitcase he was tied to. Inside they discovered his basket, toys, and food for Kai. No one knows how many hours he spent there alone. He patiently waited and hoped for his master to return.

They soon looked for a foster family for Kai. Several hundred volunteers showed up to care for him, and ultimately the choice fell on a man named Ian Russell. Now Kai finally has a family that loves him and will never let him down.