Makeup artist let this woman’s eyes shine bright. She became unrecognizable!

by banber130389

You can fall in love at any age. After reading about our heroine today, you will be persuaded of this fact. Here is Aida, the main hero of the article.

She is 50-years-old. Seven years ago, Aida’s spouse departed from her, and her children have long gone left the nest.

Aida met her true love a few months after the divorce, and started believing in love again. And now, after her stunning makeover, he will surely not recognize her!

Her eyes started shining brightly, and you can tell that she felt like a teenager again!

Arthur quickly approached Aida with a proposal, persuading her that her intentions were genuine. The woman was altered by makeup artists for her wedding day. Even the groom will not be able to recognize his stunning and revitalized wife.

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