Lifelong abused tigers are rescued and caught swimming for the first time

by banber130389

Tigers are very mysterious and elegant animals. Its natural environment has been considerably restricted due to human activities, not to mention poaching which is a real disaster or the tendency of some people to want to adopt a baby tiger to tell the story…

Two tigers were rescued from New York in extremely poor conditions along with 19 other exotic animals. The felines Carl and Lily were transported to an animal shelter in Nevada called Safe haven rescue zoo. This is a shelter that takes care of animals.

Source screenshot youtube (ifaw)

In the video below, keeper Kelly Donithan visits tigers Carl and Lily. The tigers’ previous owner kept them in dirty little cages and the poor animals couldn’t roam freely. Many people assume that cats don’t like water and that can usually be true. However, tigers are an exception to this rule as they love water!

In the video below, we can see how these two rescued tigers bathe for the first time. They finally experience what it is like to swim freely and be safe and clean.

The very satisfied look of the tigers at the end of the video proves that they are now doing well and feel better. Share this great video with your friends and family members too! Watch it bellow.