Lifehack for girls: how to button up a shirt in a new way and highlight the chest

by banber130389

An Instagram blogger shared a lifehack on how to button up a shirt. The video instantly became popular and spread on social networks.

The fairer sex often encounter problems when the shirt does not fit, poorly covers the chest area, it is pulled down.

To avoid such problems, the blogger offered fresh ideas.

As a rule, clothing made of knitwear over time changes shape. As the fabric deforms, it is not possible to return it to its original state, so the girl advised to try a tiphack.

To keep the shelves of clothing from separating in the bust area, you need to button the button differently than usual.

Christina, that’s the name of the author of the video, suggests doing it diagonally, thanks to which the upper fastener ends up through another loop, and the lower one will be lowered down.

This recommendation will conceal the breasts, making the overall appearance more attractive. The video has been viewed by nearly a million users, garnering many comments:

“And why didn’t I think of doing this a couple of decades ago.

“I had this problem today.”

“Thanks so much for the tip, I’ll definitely try it.”