Kelly Clarkson hands the baton to her daughter as they perform a lovely duet on stage

by banber130389

River Rose is a gifted young vocalist, and her relationship with her mother melts people’s hearts. Some claim that a skilled voice coach or music school can teach and refine a talent like singing.

Some claim it can also naturally be passed on, much like the overused expression “It runs in the family.” This family is covered by it!

During a recent show at Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater, award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson wowed her audience with a surprising performance with her daughter. She shared the spotlight with her two kids, River Rose, 9, and Remington, 7, as they entered the stage.

However, this was no typical show; rather, it was a family event in which the children chose the songs they would perform with their mother and make unforgettable memories. River Rose and Clarkson performed a heartfelt rendition of “Heartbeat Song” together. River has a very particular place in her heart for this song.

The fact that the children had chosen these songs themselves added to its specialness. This knowledge merely gave the occasion an extra dash of coolness. Clarkson’s enthusiasm at having her children join her onstage in Vegas was evident on Twitter, where she shared her excitement and we all get her. It is truly an incredible moment!

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