It really is the biggest house of cards in the world

by banber130389

The indefatigable American Bryan Berg spent 44 days putting together a model of the largest casino in Macau, China out of playing cards.

Card replica of the Venice Macau casino is 10.6 meters long, 3 meters high and weighs 272 kg.

Such work requires the performer of the most precise, filigree movements, during the construction can not cough or sneeze loudly.

To make the model were used 218792 playing cards, or 4051 decks.

The current card structure surpassed the size of the Guinness Book of World Records card house Berg built when he was 17 years old.

Venetian Macau is a huge entertainment center with Venetian-style palaces and canals. All of its buildings, hotels, and casinos are also there in miniature card form. It is located on a small site inside the complex itself, not far from the bustling gaming area

Brian Berg, who trained at Harvard, improved on his own previous record.

An architect by training, Berg used neither duct tape nor glue to create the record-breaking card structure.

The world-class card builder holds several Guinness Book records.