Incredible care of a 6-year-old girl for her paralyzed father

by banber130389

This is admirable, although thoughts are involuntarily drawn to the sad side, the editors of lament. More than half a million users of the Chinese service Kuaishou follow and worry about little Jia Jia, who had to grow up too early. At her 6 years old, she is the only link between her father and life. Tian Haichen was paralyzed in a car accident and his wife left the family immediately, devaluing seven years of marriage. And Jia Jia made a different choice.

In the spring of 2016, Tian’s car went off into a ditch and crashed, leaving the man paralyzed from the neck down. After several months of wandering around hospitals, doctors came to the final conclusion: the paralysis was incurable. Upon learning of this, his wife took their eldest son and went to “pay a visit to his grandmother,” but never returned. Tian was left in the care of his elderly parents and, unexpectedly, little Jia Jia. At her six years old, she has learned that family is when everyone takes care of each other, even if it is difficult.

Tian tries to heal with traditional medicine and it’s paying off little by little. For example, when his daughter puts a spoon in his palm and fixes it with rubber bands, the man can awkwardly hobble soup – and that is a joy. The girl gets up at six in the morning to give her father a massage, help him get dressed and go to the bathroom, and then take care of her hygiene. After breakfast, she runs to school to start taking care of her paralyzed father again in the evening.

To move the immobile body, a system of elevators and counterweights was made at home for Tian, and so comfortable that the 6-year-old has enough strength to operate them. The man uses a wheelchair to move around and always his “navigator” is Jia Jia. The girl does all the little chores that seem unnoticeable to us as long as her health allows her to move on her own. Tian tries not to be discouraged or show his daughter his pain, he wants her not to see him as a burden.

Jia Jia treats her mother, who has left them, in a neutral manner. She was never very caring and now she has shown herself to be an unfit mother. Jia Jia’s only regret is not being able to see her brother, they don’t even know where they took him. But since the video with the little helper went viral, there is a chance to change everything – more and more people are willing to offer their help to the family.