In India, a man took in abandoned kittens, but he was surprised because they were not who they said they were

by banber130389

Kiran Giri is an ordinary Indian farmer. On December 17, the man found two abandoned cats near his work site. They instantly melted his heart and Kiran decided to take them for himself.

After a while the farmer began to notice how his pets instead of the usual “Meow” growl peculiar, unusual for domestic cats. He decided to tell his neighbors, who confirmed Kieran’s concerns.

He realized that his new furry friends weren’t a threat to him yet, but they shouldn’t stay with humans for long. He reported his small carnivores to the local wildlife service.

As it turned out, the found kittens are leopards. They are now in a special shelter for wild animals, and after they grow up, they will be released back into the wild.