In Britain, a five-year-old boy had his first haircut

by banber130389

Five-year-old British resident Rin Carter has never been to a hairdresser. In itself, this fact is not that startling – many children are cut by their parents themselves. But Rin is a different case. The boy has never had a haircut at all, and as a result, he has grown curls below the waist. Characteristically, Rin’s mother, Leanne Smith, did not plan to set a record, she did not cut her own son only for sentimental reasons. The woman said she inherited her son’s curls from his father, the graphic designer Neil Carter. “When Rin was born, he had such cute golden curls on the back of his head. I could never think of cutting them off. I can’t even trim my bangs,” says the woman. For some reason, a mother, whose sentimental impulses are out of control altogether, is immediately imagined, and she tells of her son of 20 years, for example, the following: “When my baby was a year old, I fed him semolina from a spoon. Suddenly my son turned away, and I smeared porridge on his cheek. The white blot on the baby’s cheek was so touching that I decided not to wash it off.

I still forbid my son to wash his face, although now he is growing stubble, and the remains of porridge, of course, is not as noticeable as before. However, judging by the photos of little Rin, in his case just with hygiene is not a problem. We can only guess how much time his mother spends every day on caring for her son’s hair. It is clear that leave this hair unattended for a couple of days – and the child’s head formed tangles, which will have to cut. But Leanne Smith seems to have some free time (the woman reportedly works as a “party planner” – apparently, it’s a profession that involves part-time work).

Passers-by on the street often mistake Rin for a girl, but the child, if her mother is to be believed, is not upset by this, but amused. At least, that was the case before the boy had to go to preparatory school. Before going to school, his mother gathers Rin’s hair into a ponytail (“for safety reasons”), and the son is not very used to such treatment of his hair. But that is only half the trouble. The main problem is that the boys in the class refuse to play with Rin because he looks like a girl. The mother notes that her son is quite boyish interests – he likes cars, soccer and the TV series “Scooby-Doo.

In general, the child began to ask for a hairdresser. Leanne says that the very thought of cutting Rin’s locks makes her weep, but she gave in to her son’s entreaties. A haircut is planned for this coming Easter. And the mother decided to turn a fairly trivial event into a celebration. In particular, in honor of the haircut Leanne collects donations, which she then plans to give to the children’s department of the local hospital. The amount of funds collected by the woman has already reached as much as 82 pounds. Additionally, Leanne plans to donate her son’s cut hair to a charity that specializes in supporting people with cancer.

Leanne said she would never let Rin’s barber cut “too much” (whatever that means in this situation) or use a machine. Nevertheless, the woman is already convinced that the haircut will probably make her cry. Perhaps the mother shouldn’t be so heartbroken. For one thing, she has a second son, two-year-old Regen, who has also never had his hair cut, which means that the woman can continue her experiment in growing children’s hair. When both sons grow up and begin to choose their own hairstyles, Leanne can get, for example, a poodle. Even if you don’t cut the dog’s hair all his life, he still won’t be able to articulate his complaints.