“I’m here to say goodbye”: the last greeting between the old dog and the puppy is touching

by banber130389

One last greeting before saying goodbye. The elderly dog saying goodbye to the puppy with enormous tenderness. It is enough to observe with a pinch of attention the glances that are launched to understand the solidity of the union. The life of Stella, the elderly dog, was close to the end of the line. Both grew up counting on the contribution of their friend and only the memories will remain.

Stella has a touching tenderness towards her companion Waylon. They were inseparable and no one could stop them from doing everything they wanted. It surely will take time before Waylon adapts to the biggest change of his life.

The final moments lived together were filmed and shared on Tik Tok by @aliswagaliscious, touching the sensitivity of the users. The post has thousand of comments, with the words of displeasure highlighting the sensitivity of the people of the network.

This is the rule of life. At first it will be difficult, then the difficulties and moments of discouragement will begin to be less intense. You can support us by sharing this article with your friends and family too. Now, check out the touching video bellow.

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