Husky gives a very funny answer to his owner’s question. Everyone was laughing out loud

by banber130389

There are millions of videos on social media showing how dogs communicate with people with their facial expressions and body language. But there are also unique cases when they use their “speech” to communicate with us too! This is actually very fun and proves once more how clever dogs are.

Of course, they are not able to talk, but hearing some fazes from us very often, and understanding their meaning, they can try their best to repeat them. There can be some perfect coincidence too, and a perfect viral video for social media is ready!

This husky owner captured a perfect moment of her dog answering her questions. She was asking who he loves and that kind of basic question. The husky was making noises letting them know what he thinks about the question. He made the family very happy, and you can see how is everyone gathered, admiring him!

But the funniest part of the video is when the dog is asked if he is stupid. You probably may already guess that he gave them a naughty and a very funny answer. He said “ Nooo”. Check out the video bellow to see that amazing and funny moment, we hope you will love it! Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones, and support us too, enjoy watching!