How to wake up a deaf and blind pet: the owner of a dog with peculiarities came up with an unusual, but working method

by banber130389

Love at first sight happened between American Aidan Mann and a dog named Plum. As soon as he saw this snow-white beauty, he immediately knew he wanted to take care of her for life.

The man first saw Plum as a puppy – the dog was barely five months old. Plum is an absolutely adorable Australian Shepherd dog who unfortunately suffered from hearing and vision loss from birth. But even such severe disabilities didn’t scare Aidan away.

Plum became a full-fledged member of the Mann family. She got along great with another man’s pet, a huge dog named Lola. Lola helped Plum to adapt to her new surroundings and kept her from getting bored.

Everyone Aidan’s acquaintances wondered how he interacted with the practically blind and deaf dog. The man, in his turn, tells about very sophisticated methods of Plum’s upbringing, unusual training and ways to wake her up.

Aidan has adapted rather quickly to the fact that Plum is not like Lola. His approach to the two pets is different, but he doesn’t neglect either one. The training goes smoothly: Plum is very obedient and intelligent, despite her blindness. Of course, Aidan often uses Plum’s sense of smell and spoils her with treats.

This is how Aidan wakes up his dog: every time he lies down in front of him, he gently blows on his nose. This flow of air the dog immediately catches his wet nose and wakes up. The dog is used to being greeted by Aidan’s affectionate embrace when he wakes up.