How to catch all the fish in a lake in 15 minutes. Is it even possible?

by banber130389

Is it possible to catch all the fish in the lake in just like 15 minutes? We are sure many of you would think of the answer “no”. But here is this small village that proves us wrong.

Right near the village of Bamba in northern Dogon, Mali, there is a small sacred lake. There fishing is allowed only once a year. And that is a very interesting event. You are allowed to go to fishing that day during a unique ritual called Antogo.

Once this region was a piece of paradise covered with greenery, and the lake completely provided the local population with fish. Despite climate change turning the area around Bamba into a barren desert, the small lake still has fish.

The authorities establish a special day when everyone can catch fish for themselves. The lake empties completely in fifteen minutes as everyone rushes there trying to catch as more fish as they can.

In the shared photos you can see How it all goes and what happens there. There are hundreds and thousands of people doing the same thing together.

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