How the Merkulov quintuplets look at 3 years old

by banber130389

Alexander and Anastasia Merkulov, happily married couple gave birth to five children in the summer of 2017. The parents were expecting to have four children, but the biggest surprise of their life was waiting for them. There were really five of them!

The young parents did not let themselves be discouraged in any way. They accepted the situation happily, and were impatient to meet their 5 babies!

They have a background story together, and they had long dreamed of having children. As you may already guess it was a problem for them and their attempts had failed for a long time. Every pregnancy ended with a sad story, miscarriage.

In 2016, the couple announced about the pregnancy and fortunately it was carried to 32 weeks. They were the happiest and imagine how impatient they were! They were preparing for a scheduled cesarean section.

The surgery was really painful and difficult because she was quite delicate and the doctors had to battle to save her life. The doctor visited the room in shock as Nastya’s condition started to improve and urged her, “You have to survive.”

Five adorably cute kids are waiting for the couple to make their life forever special!  The fulfillment of a long-held wish brought the Merkulovs great happiness! There were moments when we questioned how they handled so many young kids and it surely has its challenges too.

When the kids were little, Anastasia took care of them on her own after work with her husband’s assistance. When the kids started moving out on their own after six months, Alexander made travel arrangements to support his wife.

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