How the 93-year-old woman has changed after makeup. This is truly amazing

by banber130389

Makeup is a real daily routine for most women. But everything changes when a woman’s skin ages. All due to the fact that the foundation ceases to fit perfectly on the skin, and bright makeup elements begin to unfavorably emphasize the natural pallor of the face.

Most older women refuse to wear makeup. This is neither good nor bad, it just severely limits their ability to express themselves through appearance and maybe feel more confident. And emphasizes their impressive age, which, of course, is not to the liking of any woman.

However, professional make-up artists cope with even the most difficult tasks that older clients put before them. They know how to choose the right products and apply everything so that the appearance remains natural, but at the same time make them feel fresh and confident again.

For example, the heroine of this story is 93 years old. Her granddaughter, who is a professional makeup, artist offered her a makeover. The result is truly amazing: you can’t tell from a woman that she has lived for more than nine decades. Perhaps the story of her transformation will inspire other older women to experiment with their appearance too!