How could a Kinder surprise appear a century ago? Here is what it looked like!

by banber130389

Let’s travel through history together! A sweet egg containing a toy was presented to two-year-old Lillian Metclough back in 1924. It was akin to a contemporary Kinder surprise that is popular all around the world. There was a doll inside the chocolate-filled egg, which had a thin floral-patterned wrapper around its outside.

The girl treasured this memento so much that she lived her entire life with it. Lillian passed away in 2019, and her surviving family members visited her home to organize her belongings. This egg, which the woman had preserved for nearly a century, was an incredible find for her loved ones.

The delicious memento was nearly perfectly preserved; not even the shell had chipped away. This shows how important and valuable it was for her. The discovery was taken to the auction house for analysis. Experts estimate that this egg should cost no less than $300 pounds.

The relatives were pleasantly pleased with the small thing. This memento not only legitimately qualifies as a family treasure today, but it also retains an entire century-old narrative. Even now, when you see an egg with a surprise inside and a wrapper on the outside, it makes you feel festive.

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