Here is the secret of a 74-year-old woman who looks stunning for her age. She wants to be in big runways one day

by banber130389

We all do everything to stay young and pretty. Even if we don’t do anything about it, we still wish we do. This is the story of Norma Williams, a British model from Liverpool who surely has a secret. She is already 74 but looking at her you won’t tell so. Here is how this confident woman does this.

Perhaps one of the most important secrets to her success is that she drinks a glass of wine every night. Another important thing is that she leads active lifestyle, constantly taking 9-kilometer walks every day. This helps her maintain her energy and youth more than anything else.

For Norma it is not enough to only look good, she has ambitious plan to shine on the world-famous catwalks one day. And she believes she can make it. She dreams of walking the Milan runway and showing the world that age is just a number and you can change your lifestyle and the way you look if you really want to.

As she says, she wants to show and prove the whole world that women don’t have to always look like a stereotypical old lady at 74.

Norma now enjoys and strictly follows her daily workout and regular walk routine. The lifeful woman runs with her 85-year-old partner Lori and they enjoy their time. Doctors say that her health and fitness are similar to a very healthy 20-year-old. So, her dedications are worth it!