He was dressed as a janitor and no one expected him to sit and play the piano. A prank to amaze passers by

by banber130389

One of the best things about internet are the prank videos or any kind of different videos with unexpected turns and endings. People are very creative nowadays, and it is already like a competition to see who will post more creative videos. Well, that is good for us, as we get verity of options to have fun.

We are here to share with you how the man pranked people and managed to amaze them. He was dressed as a janitor and was just walking around. No one even noticed how he was getting prepared to play the piano. And here is how it went.

This happened in the train station. There are usually being pianos in this kind of places, so people won’t be bored waiting. He was just cleaning the floor, but “unexpectedly” decided to sit down and play the piano.

He started playing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. People began to gather around him, come from different corners, enjoy his music and record him. His audience loved it so much and gave him thunderous applause, he surely felt appreciated.

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