He saved the lives of 669 children during Holocaust. Years later he had the opportunity to meet them again

by banber130389

Doing kind things always make us feel better. We do something for someone, they smile, and that makes us smile too. These are just very little things that we need in our everyday life. But imagine saving the lives of 669 children! That would surely be an indescribable feeling for anyone, with which they had to live for the rest of their lives.

Well, this story’s hero is Sir Nicholas Winton. He is the one who organized the rescue of 669 children, and saved their life during the Holocaust. He passaged Jewish Czechoslovakian children destined for the Nazi death camps before World War II to Britain. This legendary operation is known as the Czech Kindertransport.

Years passes, and he had no idea that many years later, he would have the opportunity to meet those children again, and see them already as adults. Well, the hero has fortunately been given that unreal opportunity, and he surely disserved it!

He was just as a guest in a BBC Program “That’s Life”, and had no idea that the person sitting next to him, survived thanks to him. The moment is indescribably touching, but it gets better, when he sees people standing up, sitting next to him, as they have been saved thanks to him too!

Watch the video bellow, and see that moment, when he realizes it. Watching without tears is almost impossible. Share this with your friends too!