He heard the dog’s howl in panic. Here is what she found out following the sound

by banber130389

There are millions of dogs out there without a shelter. But there are still stories that hit different. Joshua is a dog who suffered a lot after being abandoned: luckily today he has someone he can count on.

Diana Chapa is a generous woman who has had to deal with an incredible rescue. The woman one day found herself face to face with Joshua, a dog who was in pitiful condition: she had never seen anything like that before.

One day while Diana was taking her usual walk near the house, she heard desperate howls in the distance. Realizing that it could be an endangered animal, she immediately set out in search of the unfortunate.

That sound led her near an abandoned building. Beyond the gate was a dog shaking like a leaf. He was dirty, extremely underweight and most of all afraid. It was evident that he had been abandoned and that he was at the limit of his strength. Luckily the furbaby let himself be approached.

Diana, realizing that it was an animal with a docile character, immediately tried to pet it to give it peace. She took him to her house, she served him a delicious meal and gave him a name: Joshua. The foundling welcomed all that attention and was immediately relieved after eating.

Diana would have gladly taken it with her, yet she wanted to make sure it didn’t belong to anyone first. According to what the neighborhood said, Joshua was about 5 years old and had started living on the streets after his ex-family abandoned him. He had always had to get food by himself and had never hurt anyone. He still had a sweet and kind character.

Today Joshua is in a clinic and is waiting to return home to Diana, his new mistress. The vets are keeping him under control and above all they are trying to make him recover all the lost kilos. When he walked into the center he was severely underweight and needed urgent care. We hope Joshua can recover as soon as possible and can return to his new mom’s arms.