George Strait performing a beautiful duet with his 7-year-old grandson in front of 80,000 audience

by banber130389

It is a very special moment for the family members, to see their little ones on the stage, performing in front of a big audience. But imagine that you have the opportunity to do it together, give them confidence, and fill their mind with dreams and goals, that they would like to achieve.

We want to share with you the heartwarming performance of this grandpa and grandson duo, that gave an incredible singing performance in front of 80.000 people. The cute little boy was very happy to be on the stage with his grandpa, and find out what it’s like to be in the center of attention for such a big audience.

They sang the song “God and Country Music”, which is very heartfelt and soft song, especially when two close souls sing it. Their energy matched it, and they both inspired each other. It is seen and felt that the little boy is a bit nervous on the stage and it is totally normal. He is just there to support his grandpa, and create warm memories together. He sang a few words, but that was enough to win the hearts of the audience.

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