Family of 8 lives in DIY Double Decker Bus tiny house conversion. Here is their tour!

by banber130389

We are very excited to introduce you this 47k lb, 13′ 5.5″ ft tall, 43ft long beast of a tiny house that looks absolutely incredible. The Everly family came to the conclusion that spending two weeks a year apart due to employment was unbalanced.

 They quickly decided to refurbish a double-decker bus to accommodate their family’s needs and allow them to travel full-time after doing some study and research. Living there and changing their lifestyle is a real adventure for their family and they all enjoy it so much!

They have so much space for storage, so they have managed to fit everything they need for a fully comfortable life there. They value family dinners together, so it was very important for them to have a space where they could gather and enjoy their food, and they have got it!

They have a comfortable and modern kitchen. The bus has so many bog windows too, that let the natural sunlight go inside. As Dane explains, the big windows where one of the reasons they decided to buy the bus.

They made sure their kids had enough space for playing or doing whatever they want to do during the day. This is why they have found so many creative solutions for that. For example, one of them is their folding bed, which allows their kids to use it as a free space during the day.

Check out the video bellow to see the full detailed tour, and see their incredibly comfortable and modern bus yourself. We are sure you will love it. You can show us your support by sharing this article with your loved ones too. We appreciate your support and attention so much. Enjoy watching!