Duo amps up the heat with an unexpectedly smooth dance. They have the best harmony together!

by banber130389

If you’re not familiar with the term “Swingtacular” you’re losing out on an enjoyable evening and some amazing dancing! It makes sense that swing dancing has grown in popularity across the nation.

Unlike some other styles of dance, this particular style is not only enjoyable but also generally accommodating of people with varying skill levels and body types. Because of its inclusiveness attracts a wide range of people, making it a popular pastime for many.

An annual highlight of the swing dance community is Dance Geek Productions’ Swingtacular. Dancers can meet other enthusiasts and pick up new abilities at this event. Participants and spectators alike will have an unforgettable time at Swingtacular because of the evident energy and camaraderie.

This celebration of dancing and the community it fosters is an annual event. After the West Coast Swing “Swingtacular” Invitational, an especially amazing video was uploaded to YouTube. Swingtacular includes a “Jack and Jill”-style competition in addition to pre-choreographed dances, just like all competitions.

The Jack and Jill structure is very demanding and enjoyable. Without any prearranged choreography, dancers are matched at random and have to figure out how to dance properly together to two songs that are chosen at random.

Check out the video bellow and see how the talented duo in the video bellow handled the situation. We are sure you will love it! Enjoy watching and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends too, we appreciate your support and attention so much!