Dramatic husky refuses to go for a walk and begs his owner for a bath. A very funny and adorable footage

by banber130389

Sometimes dogs can be very picky. Some of them don’t love certain foot, some of them hate taking a bath. But they all love going for a walk. But the husky, who is the hero of this story, rejects the offer of going for a walk for a different activity. While other dogs may hate taking a bath, he begs his owner for a bath.

Huskies are known for being dramatic and having difficult personality. But people always find the right way to treat them. Zeus, the husky, is seen in the video bellow being dramatic and making sad noises. His owner even offers him a walk, but he refuses to leave the bathroom.

It is cute to see how they both understand each other so well. But we all realize that it can be difficult with picky dogs sometimes. But when you love your pet, you love them just the way they are, without the will to change them just to be comfortable, especially if their personality is their nature.

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