Dad thinks the surprise is that she’s pregnant – but look when she reveals the real secret.

by banber130389

Expecting a child is a dream come true for many couples. However, it’s not just the parents-to-be who are thrilled with the arrival of their new baby, but also their families.

Leann, a woman who found out she was going to be a mother for the first time, was eager to share the happy news with her father. She told him that he was going to become a grandfather, and he was overjoyed.

However, there was something she didn’t tell him: she was expecting two children, not just one.

A few months later, as the pregnancy progressed, Leann and her husband visited her father and handed him a photo of the latest ultrasound showing two babies. The moment he realized that his daughter was having twins was one of the most exciting we’ve ever seen.

The video of the revelation is a real pleasure to watch. It shows how much our parents care about us and how happy they are with our happiness.

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