Dad plays the guitar while the newborn boy rests on it. This is a very adorable and cute idea

by banber130389

Children are able to teach anyone what unconditional love really is. They appear and make everything brighter. They are the light that you see in the future and keep going for it. And when these wonders appear in our lives, we all want to make many happy memories with them. The dad in the video bellow chose a very cool way to do it.

Babies love music even when they are not born yet. They hear music and get connected with it very easily. The video bellow shows how the newborn baby enjoys the notes of the guitar, while resting on it.

The dad decided to have a “musical” memory like this with his little boy, who will soon grow up, and they will never be able to repeat that photo again. Thinking about it makes the video bellow even more adorable and touching.

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