Curiosity makes the eyeballs grow: a kitten with huge eyes found happiness

by banber130389

Tiny kitten Mia received a blow of fate literally in the very first days of her life – the baby was weaned just a week after birth. East, it’s not always subtle. That probably affected her – when Mia opened her eyes, they were huge. The kitten seemed to stare at the world with horror, and few could understand what was really behind them.

This is Mia, the kitten with the big eyes


The first owners didn’t know anything about cats and when Mia was covered in scabs and parasites after a couple of weeks, they gladly got rid of her. Luckily, the kitten was picked up by Leila D’Souza, who knew how to nurse such lame cats. That’s when it became clear that Mia was a fearless beast!

See the predator? And that’s what he is!


The kitten was eating his way through, literally diving into his bowl. All the soreness was gone literally after the first course of treatment. Mia turned into a concentrate of energy and effrontery, boldly attacking a much larger dog, and so that she quickly recognized who was in charge here. Leila had noticed – if a kitten’s eyes start opening, some kind of trickery will follow in a second.

So, who haven’t we mauled today?


Eventually, grown-up Mia was removed from the country, transported halfway across the world at the request of her new owners, where she became a new member of the family. She seems to have settled down a bit, but she hasn’t lost her habits of mischief.

Who would have thought it would turn out like this?