Cow joins while her owner sings a song. The internet is stunned by how the cow catches the melody

by banber130389

It is not a secret that music is something that unites literally everyone, and animals are no exception. They love music too, and there are so many proofs and studies that they enjoy music, and even have their favorite song, melody or sound. But there are few animals who can not only love music, but also try to make one.

Of course, this sound impossible, but the video bellow shows a cow who sings with her lovely owner. They perform a heartwarming duet that sound unreal. The video shows 48-year-old Patrica Varela Favano, singing while sitting in a barn with a cow known as Master Sidarta Gautama. They are both having a good time and chilling, but as soon as she started singing the cow joined her.

The cow joins her and literally shows how much she enjoys her voice and the song. This surely wasn’t her first time hearing this song. It is heart melting to see how they enjoy each other’s company, and sing their favorite song together, what can be better than this?

Check out the video bellow to hear their “performance”, we are sure you will be impressed and filled with good emotions watching this. You can support us by sharing this article with your friends and family too. Enjoy watching!