“Catdog” from Vietnam. This unusual animal attracted the attention of everyone

by banber130389

Is it a problem for you to decide who you like more, cats or dogs? A married couple, natives of the Vietnamese city of Hanoi, found a solution – they became the owners of a real Cotops puppy. Here is how they did it.

This gray baby named Dui has gathered a lot of controversy around him. Its owners Hai and Tuana decided to create a personal social media account for the cute pet as it is a very common thing to do in our century. As a result of that they faced massive misunderstanding.

Photos of Dui instantly went viral on the internet because of his amazing and unusual looks. Among the ardent fans there was only one question. No one could understand what a cute creature he was: a cat or a dog.

Tuana and Hai decided to lift the veil of secrecy to their audience of 45,000 to dispel the speculation forever. As the owners themselves said, their pet is not a mistake of nature, but a hybrid.

Yes, the three-month-old Dui is the result of crossing several different breeds. He is a successful cross between a local Hmong breed and a Corgi. That was the whole explanation!

Dui took the best from his parents. From the ancient Hmong, he received a docked tail, a developed hunting instinct, a high level of intelligence and a good disposition. But from the corgi, Duy inherited the body structure, playfulness, contact and natural charm.

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