Buzz from the movie “Home Alone. How has the actor’s career turned out? What does he look like now?

by banber130389

In 1990, perhaps the most iconic Christmas comedy from director Chris Columbus hit the big screens. The film “Home Alone” on a budget of $18 million grossed more than $476 million at the worldwide box office.

In 1991 the film was twice nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award, but in the end did not receive any of these prizes. The film stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Catherine O’Hara and Daniel Stern in the lead roles.

A still from the movie “Home Alone”.

Critics received the film mixed, but that didn’t stop it from becoming popular worldwide for many people of all ages. And, the first part of the masterpiece of cinema paved the way for the filming of the next four parts, though with less success.

The atmosphere of the Christmas holiday, family unity and spicy adventures, perfectly shown on the screen. And the colorful characters, with special brilliance dispose and watch the holiday story from beginning to end.

A still from the movie “Home Alone”.

The action unfolds around Kevin McCallister, who by the will of fate is alone at home. And everything would be fine, and here it is freedom and relaxation, but his family’s poor house is looked at by real thieves.

Kevin’s older brother named Buzz, perfectly played by American actor Devin Ratray. He was 13 years old the year the movie was released.

Devin was born in New York City in 1977. He graduated from High School for Music and the Arts in 1994. His first appearance on the big screen was a role in “Where Are the Children?” when the boy was only 9 years old.

A still from the movie “Ghost Patrol.”

Throughout his acting career, our hero has played in more than 5 dozen film works. The most famous of them are: “Home Alone,” “The Prince and I,” “Supernatural,” “Ghost Patrol,” “Nebraska” and several others.

Ratray is in a musical group called Little Bill and the Backlighters, in which he is the songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. The band actively performs in the city where it was formed, namely New York City.


In the near future, the 46-year-old actor will appear in at least 2 big screen premieres.