At the age of 66, a woman became a mom for the first time. How the fate of mom and premature daughter in 14 years

by banber130389

At 66 years old, Andriana Iliescu achieved the joy of motherhood, breaking many barriers along the way. Success came to her when it seemed almost too late.

In her youth, during those prime years of health suitable for motherhood, the desire never left her. However, her husband did not share the same longing. Their aspirations to build a strong family soon diverged, and what was once a fairy tale turned into a distant hope.

Despite her husband’s initial reluctance and the passing of precious years, the dream of having a child grew increasingly difficult. Andriana faced infertility and the challenges of advancing age. Yet, driven by a deep-seated desire and bolstered by public support, she decided, at 66, to undergo IVF treatment. Despite objections from acquaintances, whose gossip eventually faded into the background, Andriana, who had authored 25 books about children, remained steadfast in her pursuit.

Eliza was born prematurely, facing early life-threatening challenges. Despite the odds, she survived, bringing immense joy to her retired mother. Freed from the constraints of work, Andriana devoted herself fully to raising Eliza, enjoying walks together and overseeing her education.

Now, 14 years later, Eliza is thriving—disciplined, diligent in her studies, and contemplating her future. Andriana, now 80, remains determined to guide her daughter into adulthood with all her heart. Should anything happen, the doctor who helped Andriana fulfill her dream of motherhood stands ready to assist, ensuring both Eliza’s and Andriana’s well-being.