An escaped dog came home and even rang the doorbell himself

by banber130389

The amazing adventure of her pet, Raji, was shared online by American Mary Lynn. The girl could not find her dog after fireworks were set off in a neighbor’s yard.

Like most of her relatives, Rajah is terrified of fireworks because of their loud sound. Her worried owners searched the neighborhood for hours until they were able to locate the fugitive. A distraught Lynn asked for help on social media.

In the morning, the doorbell rang. Sitting on the doorstep was “missing.” When the dog’s owners looked at the surveillance tape, it was clear they had no one in particular to thank. It was not the good Samaritan who rang the doorbell, but Raja!

She acted according to instructions: she pressed the bell, moved away from the camera to get a clear view and quietly waited for the door to open. Now the owners wonder when their dog had time to learn this. Raja was never shown how to use the bell.