An Australian man accidentally found a purse with money that had been lost for 25 years and tracked down the forgetful owner

by banber130389

Joseph Beuze, walking along the coast of Lennoks Khed, found a wallet that was half-buried in the sand.

The man examined the find and found several bank cards and some Australian dollars inside.

Joseph thought the find might be of interest to someone, took a picture and posted the picture to one of the Facebook communities.

Turning to Paul Davis. Discovered a wallet on a local beach that appears to belong to you. The credit cards have expired, but the A$5 bill may still be of interest to you.

“You could have had a cup of coffee for that amount of money 25 years ago!” – the man published his post.

The post was read by Jody, who realized the find belonged to her spouse’s cousin.

She informed the owner of the wallet of the unique case, and the man said he had indeed, lost the wallet 25 years ago during a New Year’s Eve holiday celebration.

Buzz and Paul arranged to meet, and the latter got the lost wallet back.

In return, he ennobled the man with a six-pack of beer, which they enjoyed during a pleasant conversation.