An amazing experiment-test for the crow left people speechless. The 8-step-test was solved within just minutes

by banber130389

Crows are very clever and are unique in the bird kingdom. Their brain is able to solve different tasks, and they always find creative and easy ways to solve their problems. This is the first sign of intelligence. They look for easy ways, and do everything better than many other animals.

We want to share with you one of the most difficult and complicated tests, that has ever been constructed for crows. The test consists of eight stages, and Alex, a person who studies wild birds, will watch every step the crow does. They were sure that the crow named 007 would solve the test, but there were some worries about the time. But here the crow amazed him too.

The video bellow shows how the bird solves each step of the very interesting test and gets the treat. It is very interesting to watch how the bord thinks of all the solutions for each step. It is very amazing and impressive.

Check out the video bellow to see the process of the test, we are sure you will love it, and the crow will manage to astonish you too. Thank you for reading and being with us, we appreciate it. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members too, that way you can also support us. Enjoy watching!