Airport passengers were moved to tears when they saw the owner meet his dog

by banber130389

The airport is always lively. People crowd around the check-in counters, checkout counters, luggage belts… But even in such a crowd, you can see real touching stories unfolding in front of complete strangers.

In 2017, a man named Jacob Varela was saying goodbye to his sheepdog named Attila. The young man could no longer care for the dog as he was leaving his contract service – which is where he worked with and cared for the dog – for home.

Source – screenshot youtube (CBS 42)

All the years of separation, Jacob hoped that one day he would meet his four-legged companion again. And so it happened. Attila grew old and could no longer continue to serve in the army. So he was sent into honorary retirement.

Jacob volunteered to shelter the dog, at which point he was transferred to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. It was there that the two friends were reunited. Passengers on other flights were amazed at how genuinely happy the dog and the man were with each other. It is good to know that now they will definitely be together.