Adorable infant Leo resists going to sleep. Funny and adorable scene for brightening your day!

by banber130389

Babies are the cutest creators ever, and one smallest interaction with them is able to brighten anyone’s day. This is why we are excited to share with you a video of a cute baby that resists the need to go to sleep. The video has received more than 8 million views on YouTube.

It is not a secret that babies find it difficult to stay awake during playtime and leisure time. A video of Lisa Jones’s adorable little kid doing his hardest to stay awake was released online. Little Leo was put in a car seat and stared at his mother while his sleepy eyes flashed little smiles for her camera.

Leo gives his mother a cheeky smirk that says, “I’m a tough boy already,” each time he shuts and opens his small eyes. When Leo closes his eyes, you wouldn’t be correct to assume he’s going to go asleep. However, this quickly changes, and he returns to winking at his mother while grinning falsely.

Leo has to decide between staying awake to spend time with his loved ones and entering the dream realm. Check out the video bellow to see how he fights his sleep yourself; we are sure this adorable footage will put a smile on your face! Check out the video bellow and enjoy watching!