Adam Lambert performed as Cher in “That’s my jam”. The audience loved it so much

by banber130389

“American idol” is the competition that gave us the opportunity to know who Adam Lambert is. He auditioned in the 7th season of the program and was one of the potential winners. Even though he didn’t win it, he created a very good career and is now loved and known worldwide.

Since then he participated in many other popular TV shows, was a guest judge in “American idol” and was invited in the other popular programs. Recently, in the episode of NBC’S “That’s my jam” Adam had to sing “The muffin man” as Cher.

The episode turned out to be very positive and full of good vibes. But we really want to mention about his astonishing vocals. Even in that difficult situation, where he had to change his voice and didn’t know the whole lyrics, he shined on the stage. Here he again showed that he is a professional. And the fact that he was a vocalist for Queen again showed that it has its benefits.

You can see how much the audience loved it! The loud noises say it all. Watch the video bellow and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends too. Enjoy watching.