A young boy walked 2 miles alone to save a dying puppy. Here is how all went

by banber130389

This is a very beautiful rescue story. The hero of the story is a 13-year-old South African boy from Delft. Delft is one of Cape Town’s poorest communities. One day the boy walked 2 miles alone to save his puppy’s life.

He was so attentive towards his puppy. They spend most of the day together, and here one day, he noticed that his dog had stopped eating and started having bloody diarrhea, so he got up and went outside to get help.

He walked 2 miles into town to an animal shelter that helps care for local dogs and cats. A worker from the relief organization called Stöckigt said:

“She was very skinny and the boy told us he didn’t have enough money to feed him. We told him that we would do our best to save her life and find her a new, loving home that could take care of her. We thanked him for bringing her to us for help.

It turned out that the puppy, named Nanuk, was suffering from a deadly disease called parvovirus, and she wouldn’t have survived without treatment. To boost Nanuk’s spirits, he received regular visits from other foster kittens at the shelter.

“I think it’s a combination of the kittens, having one of us by her side all the time giving him. love and encouragement…” Stöckigt said. Rescuers are looking for a forever, loving home for Nanuk.