A woman introduces her vintage Chevrolet, the only car she’s driven since buying it in 1957

by banber130389

Grace Braeger bought a Chevy Bel Air in 1957 and drove the same car for 63 years. They video of her showing her vintage car and telling her story id from back 2011.

Her glossy black vehicle looks very good and has a red interior which reinforces its sporty appearance. Ms. Braeger’s car is not only special for its looks, but of course it also holds many memories for its proud owner.

Source – screenshot youtube (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

These cars quickly became popular when they were realized. Back in 1950s Chevrolet was America’s car and everyone was driving it. And especially the Chevrolet 1957 is an iconic model.

The Chevrolet 57 always retained a certain appeal thanks to its sporty and streamlined appearance despite all the new stronger cars that were being realized. Grace never had a reason to replace it, since everyone always loves it and it has its special spirit in it.

In the video bellow you can learn more details about this beautiful vintage car and its owner. And also see how Grace drives her car among all new modern cars. You can support us by sharing this article with your family and friends too, enjoy watching!