A woman gave birth to twins at the age of 57. It’s been 16 years since then

by banber130389

American Aleta St. James has always been a very busy woman.

She worked in the sphere of show business, so she did not find time to arrange her personal life and have children.

After spiritual practices came into Aleta’s life, she discovered her desire to become a mom. But at that time she was already 57, and it would have been very difficult to do it the natural way.

After turning to doctors, the woman agreed to IVF procedure and gave birth to two beautiful babies – Francesca and Gian. Despite the fact that Aleta did not have a husband, she did a great job raising the children on her own.

They are now 16 years old and in the photos shared by their mom on social media, the teenagers look happy.

Despite the fact that the woman is already 72, she tries to take care of herself and dress stylishly, so as not to look like a grandmother next to Francesca and Gian.