A woman gathers resources and constructs a tiny house according to her own design. Here is how it turned out!

by banber130389

Carol embarked on an independent and imaginative adventure to realize her ambition of building her own miniature home that she has always dreamt of and which she introduces in the video bellow. She named it “The Dragon’s Nest.”

This 320-square-foot home, nestled in a tranquil woodland on Vancouver Island, is evidence of Carol’s skill and perseverance. When Carol was given the duty of building it alone in 2019, she accepted it and she also took care to record each and every screw, nail, and glue drop that went into her work.

She can confidently maintain and fix it thanks to her deep understanding. Carol’s appreciation of the Roma vardo wagon style from the 1800s and her artistic soul are both evident in The Dragon’s Nest.

She has lived in 4,800 to 1,100 square feet in the past, so this customized approach to living space is different. And she handled this challenge perfectly! Building The Dragon’s Nest taught us to be patient and inventive.

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