A wise father uses a “game” to trick his kids and end their tantrums easily!

by banber130389

Being a parent has many incredible benefits, but there are some less glamorous ones as well. We all know how difficult being a parent is. One of the least mentioned difficulties is dealing with the unexpected tantrums that kids have.

The difficulty of trying to stop their child from sobbing is something that even the most forgiving parent encounters on a daily basis.

However, a father of two young children might have discovered a quick technique to handle and perhaps terminate tantrums when they occur. Every parent needs a “life hack” like this, that maybe will help them too! He recorded it while visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with his family.

Geneviève, age 3, and Georgia, age 1, are Jesse Merl’s two proud daughters. However, one day when his wife had to run a brief errand while he was on vacation, the daughters decided it would be a wonderful opportunity to have a tantrum, just like kids do, very unexpectedly and without any serious reason. That is just how they express their emotions!

Genevieve first emerged from the restroom in her bathing suit, tears running down her cheeks. Georgia, her younger sister, trailed closely behind her and started crying as well. It appeared as though they were grieving greatly for their mother, and Merl had to deal with crocodile tears. Check out the video bellow to see how the wise dad stopped the tantrum!