A video footage of spiders falling from the sky. We are lucky they got this on camera

by banber130389

Nature never stops amazing us and we always keep discovering new things about it. Sometimes there are still phenomena around us that we don’t have the explanation of. Living in the 21st century we have the opportunity to capture any wonders we see around us and share them with others too.

This is exactly what Joao Fonseca did, when he saw falling spiders in the air. Yes, you read that right, spiders falling from the sky. That wasn’t exactly what was happening, but at least it looked like it.

He was sitting in the car when suddenly saw a spider that fell out of nowhere. He was shocked to look up and see many other spiders in the air. The first thing he did, was to capture that moment.

The explanation to this scene is the following: Spiders in the video are Parawixia Bistriata. These spiders are known for creating very large webs 1 to 2 meters from the ground. This already explains a lot.

Usually they don’t move so much, the cause of their activity was the change of the weather, and their unique walk made it look like they were falling from the sky. Imagine how weird and interesting it was for them to witness this without knowing the explanation.

Watch the video bellow and see that interesting moment yourself, we hope this was useful and you will share this article with your friends too. That will support us too. Thank you for reading!