A touching story. The elephant dug unsuccessfully for 11 hours, trying to pull a baby elephant out of the mud

by banber130389

This touching story happened in 2015, in India. A herd of elephants moved along the Chatra area, located near the city of Ranchi. It did not surprise the locals at all, because they often meet such animals.

About six dozen wild animals crossed the territory, but one elephant fought off everyone. And it was strange, because elephants live in herds, raise cubs together and always stay in a group.

The elephant was not only left alone, but also behaved strangely. She diligently dug the ground with her trunk. Digging is a familiar activity for elephants and that is why this did not surprise anyone at first. But the female has been digging the ground for 11 hours in a row, the whole night which was already more than strange.

Dehydration did not threaten her, because the skin is dense and thick, it retains moisture well. But hunger clearly tormented the animal, which needs to consume about 150 kilograms of food per day. But the elephant forgot about food. She was exhausted, although they did not stop.

The spectacle drew a large crowd of onlookers. Everyone noticed something was wrong, but no one dared to intervene. Elephants, when defending themselves and sensing danger, can be aggressive and even attempts to attract the attention of a wild beast with delicacies were unsuccessful.

One of the men named Jitendra Tiwari was the most courageous. He approached the elephant and saw what the animal was trying to dig up. The target was a small elephant. He accidentally fell into an abandoned well and was trapped, unable to get out on his own.

They did not touch the baby elephant, so that their mother would not smell their scent. People removed the sand from the edge, because the elephant dumped it on the cub with its trunk and only aggravated the situation.

When the upper part of the well was freed the elephant again rushed to the cub. She grabbed him with a powerful trunk, made several jerks and, finally, managed to extract the baby from the ditch. He was dirty and very scared.

Mother and child intertwined trunks, as if hugging each other. The brave mother and cub went to the forest to catch up with the herd and continue their journey.