A touching encounter: dogs that ended up in different families found each other by chance

by banber130389

The long-awaited reunion with loved ones and relatives after a long separation is always especially emotional. And this applies not only to people, but also to animals. The amazing meeting of two dogs from the same litter was told by a girl named Libby. Walking with her pet, a tiny dog named Rosie, she witnessed an extremely touching picture.

Walking along the familiar path through the park, where Libby always walked her dog, a woman with a replica of her dog was walking. The only difference was the color of the dog, which was snow white. As soon as Rosie met her eyes with the passing dog, everything became clear.

It turned out that the woman was walking Monty, Rosie’s brother. The two had been inseparable since childhood, but then different owners took them away from the breeder. That’s how they ended up with different families.

Monty’s owner showed a picture of the tiny puppies. As it turned out, as children, the pups were very attached to each other and took parting hard. When they met each other, Rosie and Monty hugged each other, because they recognized each other as soul mates.

The doggie owners had agreed that from now on they would go for walks together, because they had seen how happy their pets were about each other’s company. So the furry brother and sister were able to reunite after many months.