A stray cat unmistakably determined who to entrust her kittens to

by banber130389

One summer in Quebec, Canada, a resident named Lizianne noticed that a stray cat with unusually beautiful black hair began to visit her house. It looked hungry, so she gave it a bowl of water and food. The cat purred appreciatively, but it would not let itself be touched and would not go into the house – it had another plan.

This is Usagi’s cat in the current time. See that sly squint?

The cat had been visiting Lizianna all summer and it wasn’t until the fall that she noticed the animal was too fat. She drew the right conclusion and started putting more food on the pregnant cat. Usagi, as Lizianna nicknamed the black beauty, was still emphatically distant. And even when she gave birth to kittens, she still did not change her habits until about a month later.

And then one morning Lizianna saw a picture like this

Five black copies of Mom and one gift from Daddy the cat. You see, right? First, Usagi the cat tested Lysianna, trained her to feed herself, made sure her future home was secure. Then she got pregnant so she could have her kittens before the fall cold, and when they were older, she brought them to the kind woman. For dependency and in general, babies need a home, comfort and coziness. Surprisingly, the street kittens, who apparently for the first time were so close to humans, very quickly ceased to be afraid and willingly went into the arms. It’s no wonder mama cat taught them beforehand!

This family is another month later. Look how handsome the little guys have grown!

The savvy cat Lizianna decided to keep, but she spayed her kittens just in case – kittens, that’s good, but no more. And she had enough troubles, where to place the first ones.